June 08, 2023
Frequently Asked Questions

What is massage?

By definition, Massage Therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, including the skin, tendons, muscles and connective tissue for the purpose of relaxation and the enhancement of the body’s own healing capabilities.

Is massage right for me?

While massage is generally safe, there are several ailments and diseases where massage therapy may exacerbate your condition; therefore, we ask that you please check with your primary care physician.

If you have recently had a surgery, you are NOT eligible to receive massage for a minimum of 3 months or longer. Please check with your physician to learn when you are able to receive massage.

A written physician's release is required for any surgery performed within the last 6 months.

How long of a massage do I need?

In order to answer this question, you must ask yourself what YOU want out of the massage. The following describes what may be accomplished in the allotted time frame:

30 Minutes for targeted therapy, to focus solely on 1 or 2 particular aches/pains. You can choose to focus on your upper body - neck/shoulders/back, or your posterior - choosing the largest muscles groups on your back side. Approximately 1/2 of your body may be massaged, depending upon the severity of the issue.

60 Minutes for non specific general relaxation. Your whole body may be massaged.

90 Minutes for a combination of general relaxation with some targeted therapy for a specific ache/pain. Your whole body may be massaged.

120 Minutes is the ultimate in massage therapy, providing an hour of targeted therapy for specific aches/pains accompanied by an hour of deep relaxation. Your whole body will be massaged.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please call (717) 649-1640. Or, book immediately with our LIVE calendar - see the Massage Book link to the Left.

Please note that Dreamweaver Massage is a small business - a one woman show. With that in mind, your call may not be answered immediately, as we do not have a receptionist. We strive to return all calls within 24 - 48 hours.

Please also note that we do NOT do courtesy call reminders. Our scheduling system does auto-reminders, so as to not take away from our time with clientele. Therefore, we respectfully request that when registering on the scheduling website that you do NOT uncheck the receive reminders block, by doing so you are opting to receive NO reminders from Dreamweaver Massage.

All Groupon Customers MUST include their Voucher Bar Code Number in the NOTES SECTION.

Groupon vouchers presented for payment that are expired, save for those clients who have had emergency surgery and were denied usage, as well as those clients who were ill at the time of their previously scheduled appointment. The Groupon price paid at purchase will be deducted from our Regular price, understanding a balance will be due.

For those clients holding a 2 Massage Groupon, that will be expired at time of use, the Groupon voucher may be applied to a 90 minute massage with no balance due.

The 2 Massage Groupon MUST be used by ONLY 1 person, i.e. may not be split by 2 people.

Expired Groupons may NOT be applied to a 30 minute massage; they MUST be applied to an hour massage or longer.

All Groupons will be EXPIRED and MAY NOT be used for full payment after 9/15/2017, the price paid to Groupon will be deducted from our REGULAR price, with the difference due at time of use.

We have recently purchased new software which gives you the opportunity to request appointments based upon current availability. All clients may use this booking option.

Please use MassageBook to request appointments from your phone or tablet.

Book Now on MassageBook.com!

Special Note: The MassageBook link will replace the old MindBody Link, MassageBook has better functionality many more online features, and from our experience the online scheduling aspect is much easier to use. Please bear with us while we update the website to move away from MindBody and into MassageBook.

I have a Groupon...

Clients using a Groupon for payment should:

a) Feel free to use the online scheduler... Note: the scheduler will add 30 min to your appointment to allow for consultation, dress/undress and checkout

b) Book the appointment(s) as soon as possible, in order to ensure a booking prior to the expiration date...

Please note that because Groupon oversold, we are booking 2 months out...

Please also include your 8 digit voucher number under the bar code of your Groupon in the notes section, when booking...

Failure to provide your 8 digit voucher number, may result in the cancellation of your appointment.

Please do NOT leave special/personal requests in the NOTES section when booking, as these will not be seen until the day of your appointment. If you have a request, please send via text message to (717) 649-1640.

Please also note that we do NOT do courtesy call reminders. Our scheduling system does auto-reminders, so as to not take away from our time with clientele. Therefore, we respectfully request that when registering on the scheduling website that you do NOT uncheck the receive reminders block, by doing so you are opting to receive NO reminders from Dreamweaver Massage.

c) Understand that the Groupon 2-pack offer is for 1 person only, it MAY NOT be split for 2 people... This promotion was designed to get people in the habit of receiving regular care

d) Understand Groupon coupons for 1 Hour may NOT be split into two 30 minute appointments.

e) Arrive 15 minutes prior to the 1st appointment to complete a health intake form and for consultation

f) Understand that if you are currently under a physician's care due to injury/trauma/surgery, you MUST provide a doctor's note clearing you for massage

g) READ and Understand the 24 hour cancellation and other policies at Dreamweaver Massage

h) NOT abuse the "sick" late cancellation policy... we can only accept 1 late cancellation for this purpose, subsequent late cancellations will result in the forfeiture of your Groupon voucher

i) Understand ANY 2017 GROUPON presented after 9/15/2017 for payment will be subject to additional fees (i.e. Expiration dates have been extended until 9/15/2017 and NO FARTHER)... Following the coupon policy from Groupon, the use of this coupon following 9/15/2017 will incur the cost of the difference from a regularly priced massage less the amount paid for the Groupon

j) Understand that after 9/15/2017, Groupon 2-pack massages may be combined for one 90 minute massage, with no additional charges incurred

k) Understand that Groupon coupons purchased under the 2015 promotion will incur the cost of the difference of a regularly priced massage less the amount paid for the Groupon

l) Understand that a Groupon is a coupon, not a gift certificate, and MUST be used before the expiration date, just like any manufacturer's coupon. As a courtesy the expiration was extended to 127 days past the date of the last sale. It is your responsibility to schedule and keep your appointment within that time frame. Since this was a purchased coupon, you may use the price paid (not the value of the coupon, as the purchase price may have been further discounted) toward services after the extended expiration.

Do you offer couples massage?

Dreamweaver is presently a sole practitioner practice, therefore we are unable to offer couples massage.

Should I arrive early for my appointment?

First time clients should plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment for completion of a health and/or aromatherapy questionnaire and consultation.

You can save a few minutes by printing the questionnaire online and bringing the completed form with you to your appointment.

It is imperative that you complete your Health Intake form in its entirety prior to receiving massage, to ensure that we do not do anything which could cause you harm.

Additionally, we kindly ask that you are free of perfumes/colognes or any heavily scented body products, as these scents tend to linger and may cause allergic reactions for our therapists as well as other clientele.

Health Intake Form
Aromatherapy Intake Form

What is your cancellation policy?

While we hope that you will not cancel, we would appreciate notification 24 hours prior to your visit. Please respect that our time is no less valuable than your own.

We understand that there are times when early notification is not possible; however, repeated last minute cancellations or no-shows will not be tolerated. Repeated last minute cancellations will be assessed an additional $25 late cancellation fee.

Those who DO NOT provide 24 hours notice or do not show for their scheduled appointments ARE RESPONSIBLE for payment of their missed appointments and may be asked to pre-pay for any future appointments.

Groupon clients, who DO NOT provide 24 hours notice prior to cancellation or who DO NOT show for their scheduled appointment, forfeit their Groupon Voucher.

What should I do if I am sick?

Dreamweaver understands that sometimes you come down with illness suddenly. We kindly ask that you cancel as soon as possible to allow for your time slot to be filled, without a late cancellation fee.

Please text (717) 649-1640, as soon as possible.

If you arrive exhibiting, cold/flu symptoms or otherwise ill, you will be turned away, and will be charged a $5 rescheduling fee.

Additionally, we kindly ask that you do not abuse this generosity. Repeated late cancellations will result in full payment due, or forfeiture of any Voucher or Gift Certificate, for any scheduled appointment, prior to arrival.