June 08, 2023

Stephanie L. Weaver, LMT, NCMT
PA Lic # MSG000821
"Relaxation is the prerequisite for that inner expansion that allows a person to express the source of inspiration and joy within." – Deepak Chopra

Massage –
The Drug Free, Holistic Alternative

The body and mind are integrally connected – the state of the body affects the mind, and vice versa. When your body is injured or ill, your mind is tired. The converse is also true, when the mind is sick or hurting, the body is fatigued. A true symbiotic relationship, a perfect yin and yang - balanced.

If balance is the key, shouldn’t your self-care be shown the same consideration?

At PA Licensed Massage, we believe that blending, eastern and western massage styles and philosophies, provides you the best massage therapy has to offer, promoting healing for healthy growth.

Stephanie L. Weaver has always enjoyed helping others. After working in other careers from retail management to insurance and finance, Stephanie found her passion in massage. She has been practicing massage since 2002, and is a PA State Licensed and Nationally Certified (NCBTMB) massage therapist.


Andrea B - Mechanicsburg, PA
June 05

Stephanie did a wonderful job! I was there specifically for arm/shoulder pain. As she was working on me she explained what she was doing and how it would help me. She even recommending some stretching exercises I should do. I look forward to future appointments with her.

Dawn D - Palmyra, PA
May 23

Very pleased! I get massage therapy on a regular basis for health issues, and I can say I have found a new favorite place. Stephanie knows the muscle system and was both skilled and considerate of my particular requests. Highly recommend!

Diane H - Enola, PA
April 21

Probably one of the best massages I've ever had and I've had hundreds!

Jen S - Camp Hill, PA
December 15

I have had many massages at many different places, but none were as good as Stephanie! I had a knot in my shoulder that had been there for approximately four years. During my first massage with Stephanie, she managed to work it out and personalized my massage to help me with the back and hip issues that I have due to congenital scoliosis. I see her on a regular basis to relieve stress, treat any new “knots” in my back, and relieve the stress my scoliosis puts on my hips. Plus her in-house service is very convenient & allows you to go from massage table to the relaxation of your own home in less than one step. You will not find a better masseuse in the area! I would recommend her to anyone!

Shannon L. - Lemoyne, PA
October 17

I have been to many different massage therapists in the past and have always enjoyed therapeutic massage. That was until I went to see Stephanie Weaver. I have never had a more effective or enjoyable massage. You're able to really tell the difference that her experience and training have added to her practice. When the session was complete. it took 5 minutes before I was able to stand up. A week later, I was still feeling the beneficial effects of the treatment. She is professional, courteous, and extremely flexible in her appointment availability. Needless to say, PA Licensed Massage and Stephanie Weaver have ruined me for all other massage therapists.

Matt W - Carlisle, PA
October 03

Stephanie has hands of steel! I have had back issues my whole life, and have tried everything under the sun to help. After an hour of work on my back, I feel like a new man!! Highly recommended!

Gary K - Harrisburg, PA
October 03

The hands of a healing angel!! One of the best massages ever!!

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